Harry Jon Nanos and Redtail
Harry Jon Nanos - Professional performer & producer
View Harry's Bio & latest music video featuring "Mintaka" a Petersen Redtail Guitar HERE

View Harry's Bio & latest music video featuring "Mintaka" a Petersen Redtail Guitar HERE
Being both a professional performer as well as a record producer I am continually searching for that silky smooth acoustic guitar sound I hear in my head and of course on some of my favourite records. I have owned, played and recorded most top brand acoustic guitars over the years and 5 years ago forked out the "big Bucks’’ for a Taylor 614CE. I have been totally happy with this guitar and was quite content to make this one the ‘’axe’’ I finally hand down to my son when my playing days are over.

When Grant Petersen called me and invited me to check out the Petersen Redtail  OM (Orchestral Model) he had just built, I was keen to road test the guitar and give him some feedback, but was apprehensive about spending more $ on another guitar.

My initial reaction upon opening the case was overwhelming. The Petersen Redtail looked and felt awesome. The attention to detail and workmanship was far beyond any factory guitar I had ever seen and it felt like it was made for my hands.

Saying that, the most exciting part came next when I started to play. The tone was rich warm and absolutely true without that thin brittle edge a lot of acoustic guitars seem to have. The additional sound port  on the top of the body gives the player a little extra volume and somehow it just seems to sing directly to your ears (great advantage to singers).

Aside from the beautiful tone the most endearing thing was how even and true the individual string volumes are and how when strummed together they sound completely balanced and harmonic.
The neck on this model is unusually a little wider than most guitars at 45mm, and at first I needed a bit of time adjusting, but the good news is that after a week of playing every day I realized that my picking technique had improved considerably and I was playing more accurately…this is simply because the stings are just that little bit farther apart.........  1 month down the track and it feels totally natural to me and …hey I’m ‘’picking’’ up a storm.
Once I got the Redtail into the studio for some serious recording I realized that I just had to have this guitar. It ‘s tone excels when you are looking for that warm picking mellow acoustic guitar part and it gets me closer to that sound I am forever searching for.

This guitar and guitar maker are a serious option for the player who is looking for a high end sound and feel but wants his/her own custom design.

I would highly recommend Grant Petersen and his guitars to any musician looking for a personal edge.  His passion for making guitars is evident as soon as you lay your eyes on one, and once your fingers hit the fretboard you know you are dealing with a seriously superior instrument.

I decided to add to my string family and become a proud owner of a Petersen Redtail cutaway and I believe that my investment will return me results both in the studio and my working life, but also artistically as a musician…. and that’s what really counts to me.

Harry Jon Nanos

South Coast Music
Grant Petersen is a man with passion. 
A talented and awarded singer, songwriter, guitarist and performer, Grant's passion for music has seen him perform all over the World. From Tamworth to Nashville, Grant Petersen has made his mark.

His guitars seem destined for the same stages but in the hands of new performers!

Petersen Guitars are Australian guitars hand made by Grant Petersen in his bespoke workshop in Vincentia on the beautiful Jervis Bay in New South Wales.

Every instrument that Grant has built is unique. From subtle design cues right through to stunning Indigineous Australian Timbers, every aspect of a Petersen Guitar is carefully planned and painstakingly executed to produce an instrument that is not only a visual celebration but a auditory masterpiece.

The Petersen Barramundi is the latest creation from the Yellowtail Series. The tone is balanced and harmonically charged. With excellent balance across all frequency ranges, the Barramundi will purr like a kitten or roar like a Lion.

The level of craftsmanship is exquisite.

If you are a serious guitarist loking for that something special, you should consider the Petersen Barramundi...there is simply nothing else like it in the World!

....John Kuts, Manager South Coast Music
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