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..About Petersen Guitars
Located in a small coastal town on the shores of the pristine Jervis Bay, Petersen Guitars was established with a vision to create world class custom acoustic instruments which inspire musicians to play and enjoy.

We are proud of our instruments, built with unique and captivating blends of Australian Tonewoods which when combined result in an auditory experience of the highest quality. Our aim is to provide you with an instrument that is going to inspire you to play and be very hard to put down.

With proprietry engineering that enhances sustain and detailed craftmanship, our instruments resonate quality!

Our instruments are made by a player, for players. Serious instruments for any player who requires something special which can be depended upon to represent their own unique style and sound.

Our Luthier has over 30 years experience playing guitar. This has culmanted into a desire to build instruments that are not only visually beautiful, but most importantly fulfil the need for musicians to have the sound, volume and tone that they require.

About our Luthier
A childhood spinal injury was the catalyst for a lifetime love and passion for music. Grant picked up his first instrument at the age of thirteen and taught himself to play guitar whilst laying flat on his back. The guitar and music were his therapeutic tools during and after recovery.

As an adult Grant has experienced successful managerial and business careers locally and internationally. Working in the corporate capacity whilst also indulging in his love of music as a professinal singer, songwriter and guitarist.

A second serious spinal injury soon forced Grant to realize that a career which required sitting at a desk and endless hours of travelling were no longer an option. Whilst enduring chronic pain from a broken back, unable to sit, lay or stand for long periods Grant put his heart and soul into building the ideal guitar. The kind of guitar that both amateurs and professionals would love to pick up and play for hours on end. The kind of guitar that inspires people of all levels to express their creativity through music. Once again music became Grants primary tool to assist him in coping with chronic pain & physical disability. Music has always been priceless therapeutic mechanism for Grant during challenging periods.

And so Petersen Guitars was established after years of research and development Grant has engineered and designed acoustic instruments that are undeniably unique, beautiful and resonate sounds of excellence.

It is our goal that our instruments provide you with years of passion and enjoyment!
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